Selcuk Yerci

Selcuk Yerci

Asst. Prof. Selcuk Yerci

Micro and Nanotechnology Programme
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications

Room : EEE-C110
Phone : +90 (312) 210-2344
Fax : +90 (312) 210-2304
Email : syerci[at]

Research Areas : Solar cells, near-infrared photodetectors, silicon photonics, alternative solar materials, spectroscopic characterization of optical materials.


Postdoctoral Researcher in Mechanical Engineering @ MIT, 2011-2014
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering @ Boston University 2011
M.S. in Physics @ Middle East Technical University 2007
B.S. in Physics @ Middle East Technical University 2004



MNT 502: Micro and Nanotechnology II
MNT 703: Optical Materials and Spectroscopy
EE 495: Fundamentals of Photonics
EE 212: Semiconductor Devices and Modelling

Selected Publications

M. S. Branham, W-C. Hsu, S. Yerci, J. Loomis, S. V. Boriskina, B. R. Hoard, S. E. Han and G. Chen, "15.7% Efficient 10-μm-Thick Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Using Periodic Nanostructures" Advanced Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201405511
H. Ghasemi, G. Ni, A. M. Marconnet, J. Loomis, S. Yerci, N. Milijkovic, G. Chen, "Solar Stream Generation by Heat Localization", Nature Communication, 5, 4449 (2014)
A. Mavrokefalos, S. E. Han, S. Yerci, M. S Branham, G. Chen, “Efficient Light-Trapping in Inverted Nano-Pyramid Thin Crystalline Silicon Membranes for Solar Cell Applications”, Nano Letters, 12, 2792 (2012)
J. Trevino, C. Forestiere, G. Di Martino, S. Yerci, F. Priolo, L. Dal Negro, “Plasmonic-photonic arrays with aperiodic spiral order for ultra-thin film solar cells”, Optics Express, 20, A418 (2012)
S. Yerci, R Li, L. Dal Negro, “Electroluminescence from Er doped silicon nitride diodes”, Appl. Phys. Lett.,97, 081109 (2010)
Y. Gong, M. Makarova, S. Yerci, R. Li, M. J. Stevens, B. Baek, S. W. Nam, L. Dal Negro and J. Vuckovic, “Observation of transparency of erbium-doped silicon nitride in photonic crystal nanobeam cavities”, Opt. Exp., 18, 13863 (2010).
S. Yerci, R. Li, S. O. Kucheyev, T. van Buuren, S. N. Basu, and L. Dal Negro, “Energy transfer and  1.54μm emission in amorphous silicon nitride films”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 031107 (2009)
S. Yerci, U. Serincan, I. Dogan, M. S. Tokay, M. F. Genisel, R. Turan, A. Aydinli, “Formation of silicon nanocrystals in sapphire by ion implantation and the origin of visible photoluminescence”, J. Appl. Phys. 100, 074301 (2006)